The India Career Development Association (ICDA) is a founding Association in India for the overall career development and Management for all segments of diverse Indian society. Due to the diverse cultural and varying regional preferences, the need for such an organization was felt in India for a long time and the ICDA has been working to cater to such needs.

To achieve this mission, ICDA plans to provide services to the general public and also to the professionals involved with career development. This mission will be achieved by conducting professional development activities, certifications, symposia and various consulting and training programmes.

President's Message

ICDA (India Career Development Association) is a voluntary non profit organization registered with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. This organization would be milestone in filling the gap in the area of career development and counseling. My experience of teaching Psychology and Human Resource Management courses over the last more than two decades has convinced me of the need for such an organization. We, in India, seldom pay any attention to planning for the career that we should take up or even as teachers at the University level, we seldom give attention to this vital aspect that it deserves.

We, at ICDA, would take up matters relating to career planning and development at various levels. We also plan to initiate programmes aimed at certifying the Professional Career Counselors to guide students in various educational institutions as well as corporate workforce. Besides, we also intend to develop and deepen our relationships with similar International bodies like National Career Development Association, USA and Career Development Leadership Alliance , Maryland, USA through the programme ‘Career Development Initiatives in India’. We would also be sharing our expertise in the domain of career counseling with other Asian-African countries in which Career Counseling and Development has not taken a formal shape.

I invite you to join ICDA and contribute to the growth of Career Development as a profession in India.